Our Story

Jojo's Fusions started as a hobby with myself, Jojo, hosting and taking care of my guests at my family events. Treating my guests with delicious hand-crafted cocktails brought me joy and elevated my guest's experience in every celebration. I envisioned a day where I could turn my hobby into a family-owned business; Fast-forward a couple of years and here we are! 

My family and I strive to bring an innovative cocktail experience to every family celebrating their special event ranging from birthdays to baptisms. Our goal is to bring a whole-hearted, welcoming bartending experience to your guests with classic and/or custom cocktails. We welcome the challenge of building a custom cocktail recipe, per request of our clients', to further the creativity and personalization of a handcrafted cocktail for your event. Our passion in providing quality and exquisite taste is what we aim for apart from ensuring a hospitable experience to every guest! 


Crafted Cocktails

Our business works in working with classic cocktails and innovating from there. How does that look like? An old- fashioned is a classic cocktail, but what about adding a hand-crafted syrup? For example, an old-fashioned with an apple-cinnamon syrup for your next Christmas gathering or an Old Fashioned with a hint of banana. At Jojo's Fusions, we do more than just bartend; we are proud mixologists!


Our Services

Our services start with you in mind; with that being said, everything from the cocktails to the menus to the garnishes are made custom to fit your theme. After placing your inquiry on our page, we send over a list of cocktails based on liquor choice and customize from there. We send over a shopping list once everything is set and/ or we provide an all-inclusive package per your request (alcohol, mixer, garnishes, dressings included). On the day of the event, we are there an hour prior to your event time and set everything up to your liking. We look forward to helping you provide a welcoming and fun experience to your guest's that they will remember for years to come!


Thank you in advance!